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Senaste nytt & Aktiviteter/Latest News & Activities

    2016-07-20 (10:10)

    Hans Olav Lahlum is Participating in Rilton Cup!

    Hans Olav Lahlum is a Norwegian historian, crime author, chess player, tournament organizer and commentator. Current ELO: 2193. Photo: from Wikipedia.

    The famous Norwegian chess figure Hans Olav Lahlum, known for his "unconventional style" (Wikipedia), is coming to Rilton Cup! Perhaps he is most recognized in Sweden for commentating several huge chess events in Norwegian television, some which were also broadcasted in Swedish television, and other medias.

    Here is an interview in Swedish with Hans Olav performed by the chairman of the Rilton Committee Ingemar Falk during the qualification tournament for Norway chess in Fagernes.

    Welcome Hans Olav to Rilton Cup!

    2016-06-27 (08:30)

    We Welcome Evgeny Postny to Rilton Cup!

    Evgeny Postny, Israel, is back in Rilton Cup after eleven years. He still remembers the New Year's Eve at Jan Eyron's flat. Here is Jan Eyron (right) playing his piano together with GM Mark Taimanov. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund and Jan Wikander.

    The Israeli player Evgeny Postny, 35 years of age, is the first 2600+ player who signs up for Rilton Cup 2016/2017 which will be played between December 27th and January 5th.

    GM Evgeny Postny has 2632 in ELO and will surely be among the favourites.

    It's more than ten years ago since you last played in Rilton Cup. What do you remember from that tournament?

    - My previous Rilton Cup was 2005/2006 edition. I was happy with my result, scored 7/9, shared first place (though was 4th on tie-break, if I remember correctly). Even though that I lost in the New Year's Eve to GM Cicak, after the game I had the pleasure to meet a very nice man Jan Eyron. Most of the top players of the tournament spent the New Year's Eve in his huge appartment in a friendly atmosphere. Sadly, Jan Eyron is not with us anymore. He died in 2012.

    You played in Hasselbacken Chess Open this spring. What do you say about Stockholm and the tournament?

    - I am not happy with my result in Hasselbacken Chess Open. I was close to the top, but eventually left out of the prize list. Perhaps, it is too harsh not to share prizes at all. To my mind Hort system is more balanced, when 50% of the prizes are shared and 50% according to the tie-break. But, this is, of course, adds more calculation work for the organizers :)

    - Anyway, I enjoyed Stockholm a lot. There was a great weather in early May, which allowed me to explore the city a bit, even though during the tournament I am usually a professional grandmaster and not a tourist :)

    - I especially liked the Djurgarden part, around the playing hall and the Gamla Stan with its' narrow street and good Italian restaurant somewhere in it :)

    Which tournaments awaits you before Rilton Cup?

    - My schedule is very busy. Many tournaments are ahead this year, before Rilton Cup. A couple of events in Greece, an open tournament in the Netherlands, Olympiad in Azerbaijan, as well as team competitions in Croatia and Germany. And this is still not the full list of my coming events!

    What is your goal in Rilton Cup?

    - In every open I try to fight for top prizes, and Rilton Cup will not be an exception. Let's say, I would be satisfied to score 7/9, as eleven years ago. In general, every performance, which is higher than my ELO rating I would consider as a positive result.

    And finally: What is your best advice to a child who dreams of becoming a Grandmaster?

    - Work, work, hard work! :) But, it is also very important to enjoy the game.

    2016-04-24 (21:00)

    Rilton Cup 2016-2017! Inbjudan/Invitation


    Riltonkommittén och Stockholms Schackförbund bjuder in till årets Rilton Cup!

    Rilton Cup kommer spelas i de fantastiskt fina lokalerna hos Clarion Hotel Stockholm. Nyhet för i år är att prispotten för Rilton Cup ökat så att penningpriser nu delas ut till de 12 första platserna! En annan nyhet är att Rilton 1800 kommer spelas mellan den 1/1-2017 och 5/1-2017. All information kan ni hitta i inbjudan nedan.


    Inbjudan Svenska


    The Rilton Committee and Stockholm's Chess Federation are proud to present the invitation to this year's Rilton Cup!

    Rilton Cup will be played in the fantastic conference halls at Clarion Hotel Stockholm. The prize pool this year has been increased in Rilton Cup to include the top 12 spots! Another change is that Rilton 1800 will be played between 1st and the 5th of January. All the necessary information can be found in the invitation below. If you have any questions please contact the Rilton Committee, see "CONTACT" in the meny bar.


    Invitation English

    Föregående år vann GM Maxim Rodshtein på 8 av 9 poäng. Vi ser fram emot att årets tävling blir minst lika spännande!

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    Bilder tagna av Lars OA Hedlund från Rilton Cup 2015-2016
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